About Us

Our goal at Minto’s Casa is to help children develop as well-rounded citizens in our world. Thus, our Preschool Learning Program has been developed based on a Montessori Curriculum which stresses Language, Arithmetic, Science, Fine Motor Skill, Sensory Skills, and much more. We integrate this curriculum directly into extra-curricular activities such as music, dance, art, and games. Together, these programs teach preschoolers how to interact with those around them as well prepare them academically for the time ahead.

Minto’s Casa is owned and operated by local community member who has made Farmington Hills her home for the last 16 years and has over 10 years of experience working with children.

As a first choice every parent would love to be able to take care their children in their home, but with two-income family as the norm rather than the exception this is just not possible and one of the biggest concern that working parents have is to provide the best possible child care for their children. Every parent wants his/her child to be in a loving and a nurturing environment, a place where the children feel at home and the parents have the confidence that they are leaving their children in a secure and homely environment, where they will be treated with love, warmth and respect.

At Minto’s Casa we strive to provide a home away from home to your child. A unique childcare and learning center with a caring and homely atmosphere that is ideal for each child’s emotional, physical and social growth. Though our staff follows an age appropriate structured program, yet the focus is always the individual needs of each child.

Our staff consists of experienced certified teachers and caregivers with more than ten years of experience who strive to provide the best for each child. Minto’s Casa encourages one-on-one teacher/child interaction and communication so that each child feels like they have a special place with us.

Fresh home cooked lunch and snacks. Our menu had been specifically designed in consultation with a dietician to make sure that each child receives all the essential nutrients needed for healthy growing.

School Calendar

Nothing from September 26, 2022 to October 26, 2022.