Toddler Daily Learning

In our Toddler Program, our first priority is that each child receives the love, comfort, physical, and academic needs that he or she requires. Great care is taken to create a comfortable environment where your child is given one on one attention by our experienced caregivers. Although each infant will have an individualized daily schedule,  he or she will be learning through daily activities in the following ways.

Cognitive Activities

Matching a cut-out and its outline

Assembling a simple puzzle

Matching geometric shapes

Distinguishing same and different shapes

Tracing and matching shapes

Matching number

Looking at a sequence of events

Focusing on a moving object

Motor Activities

Placing objects in a container and then removing them

Putting lids on and taking them off

Unwrapping objects

Picking objects up with a magnet

Stringing objects

Transferring objects from one container to another

Sensory Activities

Identifying colors

Matching pairs of objects

Identifying objects by feel

Matching objects by pattern or texture

Manipulating playdough

Identifying loud and soft sounds

Identifying smells

School Calendar

Nothing from September 26, 2022 to October 26, 2022.