Infant Daily Learning

In our Infant Program, our first priority is that each child receives the love, comfort, and physical care that he or she requires. Great care is taken to create a comfortable environment where your infant is given one on one attention by our experienced caregivers. Although each infant will have an individualized daily schedule,  he or she will be learning through daily activities in the following ways.

Language Activities

Names of objects

Naming parts of the face

Adding sound effects to favorite stories

Retrieving a hidden objects

Providing specific objects when requested

Social Activities

Imitating facial expressions and mouth sounds

Reaching out and touching

Learning quiet time exercises

Recognizing simple songs

Pulling an object back and forth

Joining in a rhythm

Filling in words to a song

Practical Life Activities

Introducing eating utensils

Squeezing a sponge or cloth

Crushing paper

Ripping paper into strips

Nose wiping

Pouring water

Drinking out of a cup

School Calendar

Nothing from September 26, 2022 to October 26, 2022.